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No. Seminar_date Category Title speaker HOST
352 2018-02-22 Seminar Unconventional manufacturing processes and ma... Prof. Lee, Jungchul Prof. Yoon, Myung Han
351 2018-02-09 Seminar Syntheses of star and bottlebrush polymers ... Prof. Seo, Myungeun Prof. Lee, Jae-suk
350 2018-01-29 Seminar Electronic Materials for Triboelectric and... Prof. Park, Jong-Jin Prof. Yoon, Myung Han
349 2018-01-25 Seminar Metal oxide nanowires grown by electron-b... Prof. Yu, Hak Ki Prof. Lee, Sanghan
348 2018-01-16 Seminar Tough hydrogels and elastomeric nanomaterials ... Prof. Jung, Hyun-Joong Prof. Ko, Heung Cho
347 2018-01-08 Seminar Atomically-precise graphene etch masks for 3D... Dr. Son, Jangyup Prof. Ham, Moon-Ho
346 2018-01-05 Seminar DNA nanostructures: from design to applic... Dr. Bae, Wooli Prof. Lee, Jea Young
345 2017-12-20 seminar Supramolecular polymerization of rigid-flexibl... Prof. Lee, Eunji (Graduate School of Analytical Science and Technology, Chungnam National University) Prof. Tae, Gi Yoong
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