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322 2017-05-25 colloquim One-Dimensional Semiconductor Nanostructures:... Sang Hyun Lee, Ph.D. (KIST전북, 양자응용복합소재연구센터 센터장) Prof. Ko, Heung Cho
321 2017-05-11 colloquim Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction i... Prof. Cho, EunAe (KAIST) Prof. Eom, Kwang Sup
320 2017-04-13 colloquim Coplanar Electrical Circuitry defined on ... Prof. Jo, Moon-Ho Prof. Yoon, Myung-Han
319 2017-03-28 seminar Synthesis of Functional Polymers with Comp... 강남구 박사 Prof. Lee, Jae-Suk
318 2017-03-20 seminar Radical Polymer Batteries: Towards High-powe... Prof. Nishide, HiroyukiProf. Hiroyuki Nishide Yoon, Myung han
317 2017-03-16 seminar Living Anionic Polymerization of 1,4-Divi... Prof. Akira Hirao Prof. Lee, Jae-Suk
316 2017-03-02 seminar Toward the Future of Energy Storage; chalco... Dr. Lee, Jung Tae Prof. Eom, KwangSup
315 2017-02-28 seminar Synthesis and Application of Platinum-Based... Prof. Choi, Sang-Il Prof. Choi, Chang Hyuck
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