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361 2018-05-09 Seminar Biomimetic M13 Bacteriophage based Self-assemb... Ph.D. Lee, Ju Hun Prof. Tae, Giyoong
360 2018-05-08 Seminar Non-conjugated Radical Polymer Glasses with H... Ph.D. Joo, Yongho Prof. Tae, Giyoong
359 2018-04-24 Seminar Control of Graphene Nanostructures for En... Ph.D. Son, Jeong Gon, Prof. Ham, Moon-Ho
358 2018-04-12 Colloquium Universal fluorescent platform for cell se... Prof. Chang, Young-Tae Prof. Yoon, Myung Han
357 2018-04-04 Seminar Programmable smart nanocomposites with magnetic... Prof. Kim, Jiyun Prof. Cho, Beongki
356 2018-03-29 Colloquium Development of new drug-eluting coronary st... Prof. Jeong, Myung Ho Prof. Lee, Jae Suk
355 2018-03-22 Colloquium Developing high performance conjugated materi... Prof. Martin Heeney
354 2018-03-21 산학연 특강 Molecular Design & Synthesis of conjuga... Prof. Martin Heeney
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