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No. Seminar_date Category Title speaker HOST
367 2018-06-14 Seminar Application of nano-architectured scaffold... Prof. Yang, Hee Seok Prof. Kwon, In-Chan
366 2018-06-12 Seminar Injectable Hydrogels in Tissue Engineering ... Prof. R. Jayakumar Prof. Tae, Giyoong
365 2018-06-07 Colloquium Flexoelectricity:A new perspective on mat... Prof. Noh, Tae Won Prof. Jo, Ji Young
364 2018-05-31 Colloquium Structure proteins as innovative medical bi... Prof. Cha, Hyung Joon Prof. Kwon, Inchan
363 2018-05-30 Seminar Novel Bioengineered MEMS technology for ... Prof. Kim, Minseok. S. Prof. Ko, Heung Cho
362 2018-05-24 Colloquium Conjugate polymer thin films for autonomous s... Prof. Kim, Eunkyoung Prof. Park, Ji-Woong
361 2018-05-09 Seminar Biomimetic M13 Bacteriophage based Self-assemb... Ph.D. Lee, Ju Hun Prof. Tae, Giyoong
360 2018-05-08 Seminar Non-conjugated Radical Polymer Glasses with H... Ph.D. Joo, Yongho Prof. Tae, Giyoong
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