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Materials science and engineering is an interdisciplinary area of science that involves physics, chemistry, polymer engineering, metallurgy, electrical, and electronic engineering. It deals with new materials that lead to efficient and improved designs and technologies aiming at enhancing human life.

Our School pursues excellence in teaching and research, drawing upon its world-class faculty members, the state-of-the-art research facilities, and dedicated students. The School aims at motivating students for the development of new materials and preparing them with a better understanding of materials so that they can play an important role in the advanced fields of technology related to new materials.

Current research activities include the areas of nano-scale electronic and photonic materials, organic materialsand devices, polymers and biomedical materials. The research focuses are the areas of semiconductor materials for optoelectronics, electronic materials for nanoelectronics, organic materials for information processing, materials for energy technology, and polymeric biomaterials for biomedical engineering.

With the effort of faculty members and students, the department is devoted to achieve excellent academic and research performance in the fields of new materials, and moreover striving to be among the leading research groups in the world.