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icon2.gif Research on semiconductor and optoelectronics materials 

developing new electronic and photonic semiconductor materials using state-of-art thin film growth and characterization facilities. The research of this group focuses on the materials for light emitting diodes such as III-V, II-VI compound semiconductor thin films, photonic crystals, silicon semiconductor technologies such as nanoscale MOSFET, nonvolatile memory devices, high-K dielectrics, and post CMOS device technologies such as graphene NEMS-CMOS hybrid devices and biomorphic devices.


icon2.gif Research on semiconductor and optoelectronics materials 

developing and characterizing nanoscale electronic materials and devices. Specific research fields include synchrotron x-ray studies of nanoscale phenomena, spintronics and magnetic RAM, molecular electronics and nanowires FET, and multiscale molecular modeling for various nanoelectronic materials.


icon2.gif Research on organic materials for optoelectronics 

covering organic photonics and electronics dealing with development of novel materials and devices for information processing such as electro luminescent materials, photo refractive materials, photo voltaic materials, flexible organic electronic materials and non-planar electronic matrilas and bio-mimic materilas, as well as several lithographic techniques to define the device patterns.


icon2.gif Research on energy related materials 

focusing on solar cells with organic, inorganic or hybrid materials, hydrogen or methanol fuel cells, renewable biomass-derived fuel cells, and organic or inorganic materials for energy conversion and artificial muscles. Four research groups are actively pursuing these areas. They are Smart Materials Lab, Soft Nanomaterials and Energy Lab, and Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion Lab.


icon2.gif Research on biomaterials 

covering polymer biomaterials, biocompatible polymers or supramolecules, biodegradable polymer or hydrogel scaffolds for tissue engineering, bio-functionalized nanomaterials, drug(protein, gene) delivery systems, bio-inspired material, nucleic acids engineering, immunoengineering.