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Faculty Name Laboratory Homepage
Prof. Jung, Gun-Young Advanced Lithography for Integrated Systems Lab (ALIS)
Asst. Prof. Yoon, Myung-Han Bio-Electronics Materials Lab(BEMs)
Assoc. Prof. Kwon, Inchan Bioinspired and Biointegrated Materials Lab 
Prof. Tae, Giyoong Biomacromolecular Engineering Lab (BMEL)
Asst. Prof. Lee, Jae Young Biomimetic Materials Lab (BML)
Asst. Prof. Lee, Joo-Hyoung Condensed Matter and mAterials Theory Lab (CMAT)
Prof. Kim, Won Bae Energy Nanomaterials Lab (ENL)
Prof. Lee, Byoung Hun Exploratory Hybrid Electronic Device Lab (EXEL)
Assoc. Prof. Ko, Heung Cho Flexible Electronics Lab (FEL)
Asst. Prof. Lee, Sanghan Functional Nanostructures and Nanoelectronics Lab (FNNL)
Assoc. Prof. Hong, Sukwon Functional Organic Molecules Synthesis Lab (FOS)
Asst. Prof. Jo, Ji Young Functional Oxide Nanostructure Lab
Prof. Lee, Jae-Suk Functional Polymer Synthesis Lab (FPS)
Asst. Prof. Kim, Bong Joong In Situ Nanostructure Processing Lab (INPL)
Assoc. Prof. Jang, Yun Hee Molecular Modeling Lab (MML)
Asst. Prof. Ham, Moon-Ho Nano Electronic & Energy Materials Lab (NEEM)
Prof. Cho, Beongki Nano Spintronics & Magnetic Materials Lab (NSMML)
Prof. Park, Seong-Ju Nanophotonic Semiconductors Lab (NSL)
Prof. Lee, Kwanghee Organic Semiconductors and Photonics Lab (OSPL)
Prof. Kim, Dong-Yu Photonics Polymer Lab (PPL)
Prof. Yoon, Tae-Ho Smart Hybrid Materials Lab
Prof. Park, Ji-Woong Soft Nanomaterials and Energy Lab (SNE)